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November 2018

I have been using my 12PT1100 Hammermill chipper-shredder since 2008. It replaced a MTD hammer-mill type chipper-shredder, which I had worn out. We have about 1.25 acres of yard, with lots of trees, azaleas, vines and bamboo, which produce many cubic yards of material from pruning and windfalls. I like to convert this to mulch and compost, rather than send it all to the landfill.

When I went looking for a replacement, I wanted something tougher and more powerful, but still self-powered and small enough that I could drag it around my hard by hand. I was also looking for something made in the U.S.A. The MacKissic 12PT was just what I wanted. I have used this machine to chew up Azaleas, Pindo Palm Fonds, Azaleas, Aspidistra, Smilax, Wild Grape, and Virginia Creeper vines, Bamboo up to 3 inches thick and 50 feet tall, Spanish Moss and Pine and Live Oak branches up to about 3 inches. (To avoid raising unrealisitc expectations, I should mention that the material needs to be either crisp or dry. Sogggy fibrous material, such as partially rotted Aspidistra, Bamboo shoots or Green Palm fonds, or material that is sticky wet like compost, will cake up inside the hammermill. The only way I've found to process such is to alternate with crisp sharp-edged material, such tree and shrub prunings, to clear out the wet fibrous stuff.)

What I didn't know when I purchased the machine, but has proven to be most important over the 10 years I've owned it, is the quality of customer service. As with any heavily-used piece of machinery, my 12PT has worn with age, and needed replacement parts. Whenever I called MacKissic for support, they were able to help me find the right part, and provide advice on how to install it. Better, they were in some cases able to provide me with upgrades to take advantages of improvements in the product made over the 10 years since my orginial purchase!

T. Baker, Florida


August 2018

Just want to say I appreciate all your help, incredibly quick responses, and the great machine. The 9p has been "in the family" since new when my uncle purchased it at Vern's Atlantic in Enfield, CT. He passed it along to me when we bought our home in 1990. Has needed nothing except a belt or 3, some grease, and turning the hammers. Looking forward to passing it along to the next generation and I have no doubt it will be humming along.

W. Shayer, Hebron, CT.


Junes 2018

I want to chime in with the review by K. Bennet and others who have this tiller. I bought mine in [the] mid 1970's in Portland, OR. Like the other gentleman I will be 80 soon and have to give up gardening. The tiller starts every year. It amazes me. I have changed the belt and spark plug once and have been in the shop once for something minor. I change the oil regulary. Great product.

J . Grewal, Happy Valley, OR.


December 2017

Attached is a photo of 80 year old man and 40 year old tiller. I purchased the tiller new some time in mid 70s. It is on its third engine but tiller is still original. My garden has grown smaller over the years but it has helped provide food for me and my family for many years, Thanks Merry tiller for a great product.

John C Dec 17

John C.


October 2017

Dear Mighty Mac,

I want to let you know what a great product and company you have. I've needed several parts lately for my chipper and Jennifer has been SO helpful. She always knows what I'm talking about even when I don't. She has the necessary part ready the next day for me to pick up and I like not having to wait for shipping. I'm also happy to deal with a local American company that makes a sturdy, efficient product. My chipper is getting older but still does a great job of keeping my place cleaned up. Keep up the good work.


Sue S.


October 2017

A quick note to thank you for your high quality equipment.  I have a leaf blower purchased from Agway in 1992 that has served me flawlessly with only routine maintenance.

You get 5 stars from me!

Paul B., Pond Brook Horse and Herb Farm LLC, Newtown, CT


February 2017

Thank you so much for taking the time helping me with identifying the model and providing the user’s manual for the Chipper-Shredder. I have dealt with MTD, Sears and Craftsman in the past but I have never received the prompt attention and the pleasant joy in dealing with someone like I have with you. I haven't seen this kind of customer care in years!  Good job and keep up the good work.

John S., Ohio


February 2017

https://www.instagram.com/mackissic_inc/Coal wants equal time on the website

Coal Mac Tow

David A

. ___________________________________________________________


January 2017

" Doing business with Mackissic is as comfortable as this cat. "

Tripper Mac Throw

Paula D.


August 2016

Dear Mighty Mac Woodchipper Representative:
My husband recently was given one of your company’s products in very rough condition. It is a Mighty Mac woodchipper with a 5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine. It was left for over 5 years unused and outside in all the weather known to Texas. He is very talented at small engine repair and with a little engine cleaning (carburetor), the woodchipper started right up. Our problem, however, is that all of the decals have deteriorated. My husband wants to repaint the whole unit which will require scuffing off the remaining pieces of the decals.

Would you be so kind as to send us the two decals with the warning statements on them (one has the 10 caution warnings on top and the other is on the discharge door) also the decal over the drive belt with the Mighty Mac name? It is truly a wonderful testimony to the American work ethic that this product still can function like new!

Thank you in advance,

K.B., Texas


July 2016

Email #1:

Thank you for sending, so promptly, the owner’s manual for my newly acquired Mighty Mac.

I am very excited about putting it into service, but wanted to review all operating instructions before doing so. It is hard for me to believe this machine is 30 years old! I am convinced we must: "BUY AMERICAN" made products.

Email #2:

In the short time that has passed since I sent my Email to Jennifer, I am even more adamant in my kudos of your great product, the Mighty Mac.  It runs like a charm and does even more that I had ever expected! 



July 2016

… I couldn't be happier with the unit. It does everything MacKissic said and then some. Processed approximately 240 cu ft. of tree trimmings and other debris just from my front yard. The machine ran perfectly, never missed a beat. Had one scare when I first started it up. The engine fired right up, but I wasn't sure the chipper, shredder was spinning. I've never seen a piece of equipment that well balanced. Everything was running, it's just that smooth. Thanks again…. If I had to rate the unit on a scale of 1-10, it would get 15! … a great product still made in U.S.A. Very proud to own a product of this quality.

To everyone at MacKissic, keep up the good work, and thanks for a great product!!!

Ron S., Ohio


May 2016

Every time we use our Merry Tiller that my husband's father bought over 40 years ago we are just amazed at its durability!

Below are a couple of pictures of it. Just sharing as it is great to have products that endure the test of time...

K. Bennett




September 2015

This company’s customer service is amazing!

MacKissic Inc.

I bought a USED chipper/shredder.  I emailed the company before and after the purchase maybe 5 times to ask questions and I always got a reply either the same day or next day.

The model I got was a highway towable Mighty Mac.  I needed to get a hitch on the car before I picked up.  The hitch company wanted to know the ball size and tongue height.  Got an answer right away.

All I had was a photo and I wondered if they could tell me the model.  Got an answer right away.

After I bought it, I couldn’t find the serial number and wanted to know how old it was.  I sent them a photo of the engine model and serial number.  They got back to me right away with the serial number of their machine and the date of manufacture.

I have not spent a penny with them and they have been SO helpful.

I will need a few parts, of course, but I am very impressed with the company.

J. Kool, Plattsmouth, NE


July 2015

Thanks for your help last week. It was nice to meet both of you. It's good to know that there are still great people at great companies making things here in America. 

Steve, Weiss Lawn Care


May 2015

And let me take this opportunity to say how much I value my 30+ year old Mighty Mac®.  You folks engineer and build a great product that I hope to pass down to the next generation when I no longer use it.  I see friends and neighbors with newer machines that don’t work half as well or last anywhere near as long. From what I can tell, the latest generation is just as slid as mine is.  Thanks!

B. Hughes, Vashon, WA


March 2015

I bought my Merry Tiller In March, 1974. It is still running like a charm. I use it every spring and summer to plow and maintain a vegetable garden. I have changed points and plugs only one time. Can't ask for a better product. Easy to handle especially as I get older.  

D. Robinson, McBee, SC


February 2015

…..so I made a deal and brought the Mighty Mac home…..  I had never used or even seen a Mighty Mac before….I dove in, found it extremely well built and simple to work on. 

I did a little frame reinforcement…..and made some of the non-critical parts and pieces.  Other than that it is pretty much original Mighty Mac.  Oh sure it’s beautiful, but it’s meant to do a job and I put it right to work.  It was not hard to learn how to feed it.  It is so much more smooth and effortless than what I have been used to. And what a great compost pile it made!  Trees, bushes, leaves, pumpkins...you name it! 

Thanks to your tech support staff.  It was very good to be able to sort out some rebuild issues with a couple of quick phone conversations.

What a great machine!


Randy Feb 15 Shredder-Chipper

Randy Feb 15 Shredder-Chipper


January 2015

In the spring of 2014 I bought a very old (1976) Mighty Mac 12P chipper at an auction to help with a massive yard cleanup project.  I simply couldn't afford a new chipper of the size needed for this job.  Initially it ran and chipped/shredded very well, but within a few hours of use it became clear that the engine was suffering from neglect and inept maintenance, ultimately requiring several hours' work and a clutch replacement in order to finish the job.  Being mechanically inclined, I did the work myself, which I knew from the outset would probably be part of the bargain when buying used equipment that old.

From the very beginning the folks at MacKissic were there to help me with anything I needed - owne's manuals (yes, still available for a 1976 model!), spare parts, advice, whatever I needed.  My main point of contact, Joann Stout, went out of her way to see that any question or issue I had was handled as quickly and completely as possible.  At one point she went to the parts manager to discuss some parts I needed that were only available as a complete assembly (clutch springs) and that conversation led to the parts manager finding the springs I needed in an old spare parts bin.  I was just amazed at the level of effort she was willing to give to ensure my questions were answered as completely as possible.  

MacKissic didn't earn a dime from my purchase of that chipper (other than the replacement clutch I bought), yet I can honestly say that I've never seen a company work so hard to serve an owner of one of their products, whether it was purchased from them or not.  Needless to say, any of my future equipment needs that fall within MacKissic's product lines will be purchased from them, and I will gladly recommend their products to anyone.

Will S., Pennsylvania


September 2014

Thanks for chatting with me the other day about my TPH-123 Shredder/Chipper. I followed your directions, got the unit hooked up to my Kubota tractor, and started [chipping] small trees and branches. I was actually amazed at how well it worked for chipping. [In] less than an hour I [chipped] a 10' x 10' x 6' pile of trees and branches. Very impressive! Thanks again for the great customer service. Based on my experience so far, I would buy another Mackissic product without hesitation.

Geoff H.


June 2014

....I don't think I've ever been as impressed with the service I've received from a company as I am with what you and the other folks have done for me. I would have been very happy and completely satisfied to be able to buy the clutch in time for the cleanup. Sure, it was sheer luck that I was able to get just the springs, but you took the time to ask someone else about my question (drilling the crankshaft) which resulted in the lucky find, and sometimes that little bit of extra effort is all it takes to turn someone's excellent experience into an outstanding one.

You and the rest of the folks there get that where the vast majority of companies today don't. So I think it was worth a little extra effort on my part to express my thanks.

Best regards,

Will S., Pennsylvania


June 2014

Thanks again, truly appreciate the help. Great to phone a company for assistance and have someone local, not in India, answer and really know what they're talking about. A Rarity these days.

H. Cohen


June 2014

Since no one in the testimonials wrote anything about your sprayers, I thought that I would write this note. About thirty years ago (1983) I lived in Wilton, CT and bought your sprayer, which appears to match your current PS322T model. Three years later, I took it with me to Northern then Southern California and have used it until 2013. It was always stored covered outdoors; and yes - about 8 years ago, the tank cracked and leaked, but I used a Harbor Freight plastic welder (about $10) to fix it and never leaked since. Now, I moved back to the East Coast (Coastal NC), but the 3HP B&S motor refused to start, even after I replaced the original sparkplug and spraying quick carburetor / engine starter. So, I just bought a 79CC Harbor Freight motor (on sale for $79). Everything worked again, albeit not to the original Hypro piston pump’s PSI specs. It is leaking, thus losing pressure. But it still works on shorter trees. Even as today’s prices have sky rocketed, I have to decide now if I want to have the pump repaired (replace gaskets / O-rings / leather cups), buy a replacement new Hypro pump (about $300), buy a DELAVAN RollerPro pump (about $100), or install a SHURflo electric Northern Tools pump (about $80), albeit much weaker and electricity-dependent pump . I do want to acknowledge your 30+ years’ product which had served my orchard needs, and lasted that long.

Thank you !

Dr. A., Southport, NC


April 2014

Hey, folks. My wife and I just got the MacKissic TPH122 over the weekend and put it to work on our Kubota BX 1850.

We have an older 8hp standalone chipper that we've used a lot, but it was simply slow and painful to use. Constantly clogging or bogging down and having to be torn apart for repairs or removing stuck sticks. We can't even begin to tell you how impressed we were with this 122. This thing was AMAZING. It spun quietly when not in use, and sucked down entire small trees without taxing the subcompact tractor even a little.

Seriously, this feels comparable in power to a big commercial Vermeer but quieter and more portable. We only have a couple of acres, but after tackling 2 of the 5 brush piles we've had laying around, we both actually went LOOKING for more limbs, leaves and yard waste we could feed through it. Not like us at all, and our yard thanks you.

We couldn't be more impressed. Thank you.

N. & D. Conner, Brush Prairie, WA


April 2014

I've been using my PT12 for over six years now and it has earned its keep and cost. I use it to create mulch and chips for my yard, which has quite a few trees and natural areas that create plenty of branches and leaves. I originally bought a cheaper and smaller chipper from another company and realized immediately that I needed more machine. The PT12 has been reliable and starts up practically every time on the first or second pull. However, one has to avoid putting fresh vines into the machine, since they tend to wrap around the shaft and not shred; if this happens the PT12 is practically designed to permit me to easily service it. It's user friendly and one of the best moves I've made, tool wise. It's surprisingly maneuverable for a four wheel vehicle; just make sure you have an area to store it.

R. Reynolds, New York


January 2014

Enclosed are some photos of my Mighty Mac® chipper. My best recollection is that I purchased your chipper from Kunkels Equipment Co. in Kutztown, Pa in 1973.

At that time I had a small gentleman’s farm that was very overgrown and I did some very heavy clearing and chipping. 20 years ago we moved to New Hampshire and I have cleared quite a few trees and shrubbery using your chipper extensively.

This is an unsolicited testimonial and except for one minor welding repair on the front stand and perhaps a belt or two this has been the most reliable machine I have ever owned!!!! For 40 years I HAVE UTILIZED THIS CHIPPER ABOVE AND BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY and it has always performed exceedingly well.

I just wanted to let you know about the quality of American Manufacturing and how proud you should be of this product. I plan to pass this machine on to another family member and I know it will continue to perform for some time to come. Many thanks.


J. Kelly


November 2013

"I recently purchased a Mighty Mac 12PT. I am extremely impressed not only with the machine and how it works, but with the stellar customer service I received! It is clear that MacKissic has built their business on a family name, and that they take great pride in serving their customers. From initial contact to technical service to purchase, the staff at MacKissic are pleasant, knowledgeable about their products, and eager to assist. Their follow up by phone is prompt, thorough and very efficient. I even had a technician phone me, while working out of town, to explain the workings of the Mighty Mac.

The machine is straight-forward to use, it has multiple screens that are very easy to take on and off, and it does indeed shred garden debris like you said. We put through all our perennial clippings, vegetable plants, ornamental grasses, shrub prunings, leaves and other green garden material. I make this distinction as to what I put through as I do not have branches and twigs and brush to shred or chip. What I do have it tarps and tarps of green waste to shred for my compost pile. Unlike your competitor's ……………machine, that does NOT shred green garden waste, the Mighty Mac machine truly does everything your advertising says. :) I am looking forward to many years of use in my garden!

Thank you.

Laura, Canada


July 2013

Dear Mighty Mac Woodchipper Representative:

My husband recently was given one of your company's products in very rough condition. It is a Mighty Mac woodchipper with a 5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine. It was left for over 5 years unused and outside in all the weather known to Texas. He is very talented at small engine repair and with a little engine cleaning (carburetor), the woodchipper started right up. Our problem, however, is that all of the decals have deteriorated. My husband wants to repaint the whole unit which will require scuffing off the remaining pieces of the decals.

Would you be so kind as to send us the two decals with the warning statements on them (one has the 10 caution warnings on top and the other is on the discharge door) also the decal over the drive belt with the Mighty Mac name? It is truly a wonderful testimony to the American work ethic that this product still can function like new!

Thank you in advance,

K.B., Texas


April 2013

Recently I bought a TPH184 chipper/shredder…. I was anxious to get it up and running. But, alas, it wasn't going to happen. I discovered some hardware missing... This was on a Friday and I couldn't reach anyone by phone so I emailed… …you in turn sent me the hardware concerned, no questions asked. As soon as the weather clears up I am going to get this machine put together and give it a run. It looks like a well-built machine.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making it in the USA. That was the main reason for me buying it… Keep it USA and keep up the great customer service.

Thank You,

D. Kelley


July 2012

Hello again. I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my chipper/shredder that you helped me purchase earlier this year. It has worked great, even better than I thought it would and I have attached a picture of a little project I did recently with my wife - a butterfly garden at our vacation property. I still have a lot of work to do on the rest of the property but little by little it is getting there!

Because of your great product and customer service, your helpfulness spawned another sale as a friend recently purchased one of your units for his remote property clean-up and maintenance.

R. Pruski, Wisconsin

R Pruski Landscape


March 2012

The Mighty Mac arrived in pristine condition. The personnel responsible for packing the machine did an excellent job also. My congratulations to you and your co-workers.

Again, I cannot say enough complimentary things about my Mighty Mac. It truly is “Mighty” and I am sure it will provide many years of faithful and valuable service. My very best wishes to ….. all the associates of MacKissic. You all do very good work!

After fueling and oiling my new Mighty Mac it started easily on the second pull of the starter cord. I then ran it for an hour chipping a good size pile of tree limbs and shredding a substantial pile of leaves. The tree limbs ranged in size from one inch to three and one-half inches in diameter. The wood was both soft and hard woods. The machine performed magnificently, generally exceeding my expectations. I am confident I will be better able to maintain my four acre yard that is heavily tree with the Mighty Mac 12PT1100. My only regret is that I did not discover your company and this wonderful product sooner.

D. Parker, Kentucky


June 2011

As a former Service and Customer Service Manager, I rarely write
emails like this, but I wanted to let you know what a fantastic
experience I had today when I contacted your company for a parts
question. The woman who answered the phone was enthusiastic,
knowledgeable, friendly and went out of her way to help me. When
I asked a question she didn’t know (and I didn’t expect her to know),
she transferred me to another gentleman who again just blew me
away with his helpfulness and knowledge.

Congratulations to you and your company for hiring good people and
expending the resources to make great customer service!

S. Winter


March 23, 2011

My dad bought a merry tiller 1976 when I was 2 yrs old. I remember seeing
him behind those Handel bars many summer's.  He has gotten older and doesn't
do much of that anymore.

I am using the tiller now and boy is it a brute! I'm breaking ground that
has never been turned but, it makes no difference to this " old mule " as my
dad refers to it.

I had it serviced a few weeks ago with points, plug, oil change, ect and the
old mule still fires on the first or second pull. I hope I never need to buy
any major parts for it but, I may need to buy new tines next season. I fear
they may break now that they are wearing thin.

Thank you for making such a excellent product!!

M. Miller, Email


October 2010

We have had our Mighty Mac® Chipper/Shredder for 25 years, and it has been an important tool in keeping up our property, which we have owned for 34 years.  My wife and I have received many yearly beautification awards from the city.  Our Mighty Mac® has been very helpful in developing the gardens by providing mulch from tree limbs, leaves, shrubs, and plants.  This material was used in starter gardens to stop weeds and to promote additional growth of pachysandra and English Ivy.  We are very happy with the results!.....

……We have always been pleased with this equipment, and as an engineer I have never found a better design.

J & B Bayonnet

J & B Landscape


August 11, 2010

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my 12P shredder.  It is without a doubt the absolute best investment I have ever made in a tool.  I just finished grinding up some thick red fir tree bark that it made into the most wonderful, organic and colorful flowerbed and garden mulch.  It is a workhorse for my yard and shrub maintenance.  The ability to reduce tree and shrub branches into usable organic mulch is priceless for us since we used to have to cart it to the dump.  We even use it to pulverize horse manure!

Thanks for a well-engineered American product.

L. Serino, Idaho


June 2010

I bought a used Mighty Mac at the end of April…….I called your company and you were kind enough to send me a manual after verifying the model based on the serial number……..I was told that the machine was manufactured in 1990……..With a minimum of effort and paying attention to instructions I got the machine running like a new one!  This is one FANTASTIC machine and is making short work of the smaller downed limbs that were a result of the storms here in March……You have set a high standard for quality and customer service and many companies could take a lesson from you.

M. Gordon


April 30, 2010

I bought a used Mighty Mac at the end of April…….I called your company and
you were kind enough to send me a manual after verifying the model based
on the serial number……..I was told that the machine was manufactured in
1990……..With a minimum of effort and paying attention to instructions I got
the machine running like a new one! This is one FANTASTIC machine and is
making short work of the smaller downed limbs that were a result of the storms here in March……You have set a high standard for quality and customer service and many companies could take a lesson from you.

M. Gordon


April 25, 2010     

Although I could have bought a three-point hitch model to run off my PTO tractor, I bought the SC1650 HTE so that it could be towed as a self-contained unit to other family members' property who live in the city.  So far this unit has worked up to my expectations as a homeowner unit.  Of course there is a learning curve for feeding materials be they wet, dry or full of dirt/mud.  But the machine has survived my ignorance, with some TLC maintenance.  The unit is well made in USA from a company that's been around for quite some time.  Using the shredder/chipper saves me from burning and hauling storm debris and, similarly, for routine orchard and ornamental pruning.  The processed material is used for pathways in my gardens (and neighbors) and mulch in various vegetable/flower beds, which still beats burning brush piles…..Thanks, MacKissic for making a nice product.

P. Kuhn, Shawnee, KS


April 21, 2010 

I just wanted to thank you for sending the owners manual for this great used machine I purchased. I serviced the engine and put a new belt on it and since then have worked it a good 12-15 hours without skipping a beat (and I have a lot to do here this summer after the wind storm last month). The flails were only worn on one corner and I rotated them according to the manual. Other than a quick pass over the chipper blade to sharpen it, this thing has been "AWESOME".

I actually had a neighbor stop by and when he saw what I had for a machine he went crazy, because he has been looking for two years to find one. Although I got it from about a two-hour drive away from me, I think it was the best trip and investment in yard equipment I have ever made. "IF" I need some replacement parts, I will be calling, but until then I'm a very happy "second owner".

M. Landry


March 31, 2010 

I realized with a new apple orchard, many fir trees, and a large lawn with lots of tall grasses in the garden, I needed a chipper.  I had been paying a landscaper to haul away trailer loads of branches, leaves, etc.  I started my search for chippers - Craig’s list and different retail stores.  A dealer told me about MacKissic.  I contacted my local dealer, Ed’s Mower and Saw in Oregon, and Grant sold me on your product.  The fact that the model has never changed says that you got it right the first time.  This is the closest to a commercial chipper I could buy.  It has amazing capacity in the shredder and chipper.  I have used it for around 10 hours and feel this machine will last a lifetime.  I like the fact that this product is made in the USA.  Ed’s Mower and Saw was very professional and even filled the chipper with fuel.  My next-door neighbor has two Craftsman chippers and when he used mine, mentioned that his hands did not hurt from vibration after feeding the chipper.  You make a great product, and I am pleased with the purchase of the 12PTE. 

E. Geisler


April 15, 2010 

I am so pleased with the tiller and the easy ability to get repair parts when needed.  I bought the tiller new in 1997 and have gardened intensively with it.  I am a certified organic, commercial market gardener with 1 acre in production. Yesterday the Merry Tiller broke down - the drive shaft wasn't transferring power to the tine shaft.  Using the schematic in my owner's manual, I disassembled the transmission assembly and discovered that the spline which locks gear to shaft is stripped…..I just wanted to say I appreciate the quality of this tiller, the inclusion of schematics in the owner's manual and on the Internet, and the ease of identifying the broken part.  I bought a repair part last year from Canns-Bilco and was pleased with their service. 

Thanks for a great piece of equipment and sharing the information needed to keep it serviceable for many years. 

D. Reynolds, Quest Farm Produce


February 3, 2010 

My MacKissic Model SC150 (SC1650E) has proved to be one of the most valuable tools on my Christmas tree farm.  It is a powerful, well-designed machine, is easy to operate, and has many helpful safety features.  I’m also pleased that is designed and manufactured in the USA! 

C. Brown, White Hall, MD


October 2009 

I live in England and I purchased a Mighty Mac® shredder about 30 years ago.  A 12 P  5 hp.  I have serviced it occasionally and have had to replace the Briggs and Stratton motor…..This machine has been absolutely tremendous and has worked for a number of hours every year since new….. 

This machine has been without doubt one of the best purchases I have ever made.  A great product. 

P. Rickett


"I just bought a [Leaf Shredder-Chipper 1100], I have had it just a week and I love it. It was already assembled and had gas in it [by] the place I bought it from which is Boonton Power. Not only had [they] it set up for me, they showed me how to use the machine and how to take care of it. My family [members are] avid gardeners and we live on [an] 8 acre lot. There is always something (leaves or twigs or branches) that need[s] to be chipped up. We use the chips around the yard plantings, and around the vegetable garden. I do not own any other MacKissic product[s] yet, but with all of this property, I might need other things soon."

H. Endean - Boonton, New Jersey


"Last Sunday, after chipping all day, fatigued and tired, I accidently unhitched the machine from my tractor on the mild slope of my driveway. Driving away, I heard a crashing sound and knew right away what was happening... my 3 year old Mighty Mac that I kept waxed and armor-alled, took off down a 45 degree ridge crashing after tumbling over and over. I looked at my machine that came to rest upside down. Not one to kick myself in the behind, I said, "well, I"ll change the oil since it's upside down."

I undid the plug and while the oil poured I cautiously looked at what I expected to be a salvage operation. Would your believe only a 2 inch scratch to the belt cover? This 500 lb rock that my machine crashed into, crushed my forefinger last year! Anyway, a tire came off too but I remounted it on the undented rim. After 2 chippers from "Crafts-something-or other" I splurged on this machine and am amazed how powerful it is and how much time it saves me [verses] the others I have had. Please don't ever have your product built in China!"

C. Chapman - Boiling Springs, Pennsylvaina


"You have an admirable reputation. I tried to find anyone who had any problems with your equipment but unable to. THIS IS WHY I PURCHASED YOUR PRODUCT!"

M. Jasinsky - Ohio


"If there is a success story in the Amazon rainforest- which is really beginning to happen- then your company and the Merry Mac have a great merrit in it. During the past two years we mostly operated the SC183 for several days in a row and for many hours under most inconvenient circumstances. There I can assure you that the Sc183 is a very god piece of equipment, it has never let us down."

For Found Ecosystem- Suriname, South America


The following was shared with us from a former Roto-Hoe owner who needed a new unit and purchased a Mighty Mac®.

"I bought a 12PT series machine. They (the dealer) serviced it and carefully loaded it in my pickup. We took it home with us. I had a lot of brush, leaves, and garden residue to shred and it worked fine. I got some wet squash plants in it and plugged it up. I was able to shut it off quickly and remove the screen by pulling the two pins, something I could never do with the Roto-Hoe. I was able to finish shredding and now it is all tilled in for next year.

I am sure you have heard praise for your machines before and I will add mine as well. I am very happy to have bought mine and look forward to using it again."

C. Fyrberg - Maine


We bought your Chipper-Shredder 12PT10E in April of this year. We have used it extensively already- 5 hours a day, every day to make from tree trimmings mulch for our 1 acre garden. Once the trimmings are shredded with a 1" screen, we let it sit for 5 months and then we shred that with a 1/4" screen to put in the garden to become soil. The MacKissic is so well built, it is an engineering marvel. The motor and chipper-shredder are well balanced where the motor never stops. We had other brands of chipper-shredders and had a lot of problems with them. The MacKissic 12PT10E is the PROFESSIONAL CHIPPER-SHREDDER WITH 24 HAMMERS. We recommend the machine highly! It is a machine you can depend on. The Mighty Mac® is like Popeye the Sailor’s Man. He ate the spinach and was strong to the finish...so is the Mighty Mac® doing the job to the finish. We thank MacKissic for building such a machine one can depend on.

Beth and Walter- Houston, TX


Sunday afternoon I tilled my garden with my Merry Tiller. My father purchased it in the mid to late 60's from what I can remember. It was used for over twenty years to tend to a garden that was about an acre in size. After my father's death in the late 90's, I claimed the Merry Tiller. Today my garden is much smaller, but the one constant is the Merry Tiller. It still has the original tines, although they are starting to show some serious wear. The ONLY thing done to this tiller from what I can remember is "semi-regular" oil changes and a new belt for the drive about twenty years ago. The engine has had 2 to 3 spark plugs. In short, this has got to be one of the best purchases ever made! I am glad to hear that you folks are still in business. I may have to toughen up and order those new tines in a few more years!

T. Frank- Idaho


Many years ago, I purchased my first and last leaf blower in Wayne, New Jersey, a AMERIND MACKISSIC, MIGHTY MAC, SERIAL # 850A071331. I have used it nearly every week (at least one time) since I purchased it. It has NEVER failed me. This morning I changed the oil, and needless to say, it started up with one pull. On occasion, I have to pull the cord twice, but it is a rarity. That little Mighty Mac is the best piece of equipment that I have ever owned. I was trying to figure out when I bought it. To the best of my recollection, it was around 1988. Am I close? Could you please tell me the age of my unit....I would like to know for "bragging rights" with my sons. It would be greatly appreciated. I'm getting old and so is Mighty Mac. Some time the way age creeps up on me, I think ole Mac will outlive me. Keep up the fantastic work.

J. Barnes- Wilmington, NC


I cannot tell you how old this old Mighty Mac, 9P is. I do know that I've had it for 20 years and when I got the Beast the previous owner said that he didn't know how long he had had it. He had an ancient Husquavarna engine driving it and said it was on its 2nd set of teeth. I'm guessing around 30 years or so of service. When one lives smack dab in the middle of Hurricane Alley, it is to one's advantage to have a whopper chopper around.  When I got the beast, there were 7 ancient pine trees and one Pecan tree felled by one or another of our visitors from the South.  Each had the honor of being slowly dismembered and fed to the Beast.  After Hurricane Opal, it took me 2 years of chewing away at the debris before I was done. When clean-up occurs, my courteous? neighbors just toss their hurricane trash over the fence. In addition, I'm wed to Grandma Nature who seems to provide as much yard vegetation as a small hurricane.  We are not talking about an occasional grind here.  We're talking about a weekly foray out behind the shed where there is always a pile about 10 x 10 x 5' or more. First a screenless rough chop, followed by a 1" screen and into a compost bin. After a good cook, that goes through a 1/2" screen and into another compost bin.  Well, if Grandma is not home. If home, she scoops it out as fast as I can grind it. Needless to say, we do have a lush and wild Garden of Eden atop this Florida sand pile.  Nothing, except diseased plants, goes to the curb. "Are we there yet" may be the bane of young parents but; "Is it done yet?" is the bane of old dudes married to Grandma Nature. This is the 2nd time I've re-conditioned the old Beast.  Since I've had the Beast, I've replaced the teeth on 4 occasions, worn through 2 sets of screens and am now on my 3rd engine.  In 1999, after a heart attack that retired me, less than 1 month later I was out behind the shed pushing veggies into the Beast. It was my test of recovery to be able to fire the Beast up and see if I could make it through one tank of gas.  Took about a year but I made it. Want a good Cardio workout- spend 5-6 hours on a hot Florida summer day with a pitchfork and try to keep up with this thing. OK, thanks to this old reliable Beast, I am now prepared for the 2006 Hurricane Season. It's been a good one. Thank you.

F. Roshto- Valparaiso, Florida


We had just finished using our Mighty Mac® for the first time, and we were looking for more trees to cut down just to keep chipping! It is a great chipper. We had a "Troy Bilt" that blew up and we needed a replacement. There is no comparison. The dealer (WENO Power Equipment) was one of the finest dealers that we have encountered. Overall experience was super. Thank-you for a fine product.

R. & M. Militzer of North Carolina


“My congratulations for still being a “made in the good old USA” company that makes excellent products.  I purchased a Mighty Mac® 12PT-5 chipper in the early 1980’s, and it is still going strong and still doing a fine job.  I am an engineer so I appreciate good equipment. I have made many modifications to it over the years to extend its life and durability but have only had to purchase a few repair parts. I have used it hard almost every season since I bought it and am glad to see that the unit is still sold and parts are still available.  That 5 hp B&S engine could probably stand to be upgraded, but for now it’s still going.”

Mr. Don- West Chester, PA


"Two seasons ago I purchased a Mighty Mac® Blower from MacKissic and I have been so happy with the product. Every time I need it one or two pulls on the cord and she's blowing leaves like tooth picks in a tornado."

Mr. Lawrence Betterini- Kensington, CT


"I thought I should write a note to tell you what I thought of the chipper-shredder I purchased recently. I used it once to try it out. I am totally impressed with the machine! It works better than I expected in both chipping branches and shredding leaves. I can see it is a quality design. The craftsmanship is excellent also. For an inexpensive homeowner model, I don't think there's a better machine on the market."

Mr. Franchino- emailed


"I would like to tell you about one of the 1951 tillers. My father purchased one from a friend who had the dealership in 1951. We lived on a farm and of course has a very large garden. That tiller was used on that farm till 1974 when my parents moved to town. They still continued to have a garden, using it every year. My father said all he has ever done to it was take off the head & cleaned off the carbon and replaced belts a couple times. It sat for a couple years, as my parents could no longer have a garden (ages 87 & 84). Our son-in-law took it about 4 years ago, used it for 3 yrs., then it sat for another year. Last year it came here to our farm and my husband pulled the rope and it started right up. This spring the same thing after putting fresh gas in. I then asked my dad about it and he told the story!!!"

Karen Raschein- Email to Canns-Bilco Distributors, Inc.


"The Merry Tiller is an ideal system for the garden. The accessories allow a combination that will suit every situation. The versatility provided by this tiller commends it. The gardener can change from seed bed preparation to furrowing to cultivation in just a matter of moments. The engine gives plenty or power for any operation without being tiring to use. I have been pleased with my tiller through twenty years of use."

W. M. Todd


"As you know, I recently purchased a MacKissic 12PT chipper/shredder. This is our third purchase of a chipper/shredder. We first purchased a 5hp Rotohoe in 1983, when we still lived in Illinois, but that particular model proved to be underpowered for the work needed in Minnesota. We then purchased a used W-W grinder, 8 hp, which worked well until the shaft bearings wore out and we learned such bearings were no longer in production.

We have already put our 12PT to good use, and it has produced 3900 cu. ft. of chips for us. It's the best chipper/shredder we've ever owned, and we appreciate its speed and its ease of use. We live three miles from Canada, in the Superior National Forest. The Forest Service provides locations for residents to haul tree limbs and brush, but we find it easier and quicker to process limbs and brush with our MacKissic.

My wife Connie (she also uses the chipper/shredder) and I thank you for making such a fine product. And, after owning chipper/shredders whose manufacturers either went out of business or were absorbed by other companies, we appreciate owning a product whose maker has been in business long time."

Mr. Barnabee- Grand Marais, MN


"Well, I bought one (12PT shredder-chipper). Everybody (except you) told me that there isn't a chipper-shredder made that will process palm fronds.  They are all wrong. It (the 12P) does just fine on the dead/dry fronds of the Sable Palm, which is what I wanted it for. I might add that I put the whole thing down through the shredder hopper. Have been using it all afternoon and see no ill effects. A fine piece of equipment.

I hesitate to tell you how much stuff I have put through this thing already for fear you might cancel my warranty (HA). Seriously, the machine fully meets my expectations and more.  I have processed hundreds, probably thousands of palm fronds and seed stalks. No problem."

Mr. Robb- Sarasota, Florida


“My new Mac is an amazing machine at any price, it never tipped, bogged down, and was relatively quiet compared to either of the other two “T” brand chippers I had unfortunately purchased first.

The lesson for me with this purchase is simply, “It’s not the horsepower, it’s the design that counts. More hammers and more square inches of chipping chamber create a better working, more efficient and safer clean up experience. I had better quality cedar shredding from the same size pile of lopped branches in 3 hours continuous operation as I had in a full day of frustrating stutter starts with comparable two-wheeled vertical models. The hallmarks of the 12PT are: easy to load, no gumming, and absolutely NOWHERE for lateral branches or soft twigs to get lodged. A breath of fresh air after a three-year struggle with a marketplace full of inadequate competitor models. Simply outstanding purchasing decision when combined with your personal attention to new customer inquiries.”

B. Chapman- Texas